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Convert your Sako A7 to use AICS Pattern Magazines



A commonly asked question here at Atlasworxs is “we don’t like the standard A7 magazines, can you make an AICS Bottom Metal to suit the A7”. As we already sell aftermarket parts for the A7 and have established a good client base around this model we decided it was about time we got this project off the ground.

There will be two Bottom Metals required, a short action version and a long action version. We chose the short action version to attack first. Like all our products, we started the design in our CAD software. Having already designed the A7 Trigger Guards up that take the standard mags, it was easy to import the footprint shape and hole centre and all we really needed to do was to insert the areas to convert it to take the AICS Pattern magazines.

We started with a couple of prototypes which we had a couple of very kind customers test out and give their feed back on. Following a couple of tweaks we went on with our first production batch (which had nearly sold out before we had finished them).

The short action A7 Bottom Metal will fit models for – 22-250 Rem, 243 Win  , 308 Win  , 7mm-08 Rem   , 270 Win Short Mag  , 300 Win Short Mag. It is worth noting that most makes of AICS Pattern mags will fit, however like the Tikka T3, the Magpul Pmags have wide feed lips that will not fit into the action (even though they do fit into our Bottom Metal template).

In regards to modifications to your existing set up, there is a small amount of inletting required in the stock in the magwell area and removal of the existing magazine clips. However no modification are required that will not allow you to go back to your existing set up. An info sheet is available on our website.


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