Which Atlasworxs Retro Fit Hidden Lever do I need for my DBM?

We have two models of Retro Fit Levers (For Non Elite and For Elite). The reason we have two type of this lever is all to do with the shape of the trigger loop, even though the functionality is exactly the same.

As the name suggests the Non Elite fits the following DBM’s:

AW0038-B Rem 700 SA DBM, AW0111-B Rem LA DBM, AW0316-A Tikka T3 SA DBM, AW0402-A Tikka T3 LA DBM, AW0469-B Howa LA, AW0401-A Howa SA, AW0490-A Tikka T3 CTR, AW0504-A Sako A7 SA, AW0595-A Sako A7 LA.

The Elite Model Retro Fit Lever fits the following DBM’s

AW0499-B Rem 700 SA Elite, AW0500-A Rem 700 LA Elite, AW0501-A Rem 700 LA (CIP) Elite , AW0577-A Rem 700 SA Elite (Flush Fit)

All our Bottom Metal / DBM’s:



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