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Atlasworxs Rem 700 SA Elite DBM

We have now introduced a new series of Detachable Bottom Metals to suit the Remington 700 range. Like before they are designed to accept AICS Pattern magazines but what is different with the Elite Series is that the footprint is the same as the short action and long action BDL, meaning minimum stock inletting is required when putting one of these into a stock with a BDL inlet. They come in three different models, Short Action.


Long Action


Long Action (CIP)

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  1. Paul Wilson

    AICS bottom metal for Sako A7 270 win. Hope this project is in your plans. Thanks for working on this. I love this gun. But I would love it more in Grizzly country with 5 or 10 rounds in the mag. Cannot run as fast as I used to.
    Paul Wilson

    1. admin

      Hi Paul,
      Yes we are working on it, please stay tuned and thanks for the comment.


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