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  • Trigger Guards

    Trigger Guards (12)

    Trigger Guards Our Trigger Guards add a stylish look to your rifle set up by replace the factory guard which is often plastic. Our guards are proving very popular with people who do not wish to do much alterations to their set ups but demand a quality trigger guard.
  • Tikka T3 / T3X

    Tikka T3 / T3X (42)

    TIKKA T3 / T3X Aftermarket parts for your Tikka T3 or Tikka T3X
  • Tikka T1 / T1X

    Tikka T1 / T1X (6)

    Tikka T1 / T1X For all your aftermarket Tikka T1 / T1X parts
  • Tikka 595 / 695

    Tikka 595 / 695 (8)

    Tikka 595 / 695 Improve the look of your Tikka  with our range of aftermarket parts to suit the Tikka 595 or Tikka 695
  • Savage

    Savage (1)

    SAVAGE Savage Aftermarket Parts

    SAKO QUAD (5)

    SAKO QUAD For all your Sako Quad Aftermarket Parts
  • Sako A7

    Sako A7 (17)

    SAKO A7 For your aftermarket Sako A7 Parts
  • Remington 700

    Remington 700 (17)

    REMINGTON 700 For all your aftermarket parts for the Remington 700

CAD Design / Manufacturing

If you have an item manufactured for your business, why not get us to quote for you? We have help many small and large businesses with their manufacturing requirements. Our extensive knowledge of product design and manufacturing processes help our clients work out the best way forward for their products. Our background in Toolmaking is valuable in evaluating manufacturing methods.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing us to take a look at your requirements to get an obligation free quote for the manufacture of your products.

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