Which Atlasworxs Retro Fit Hidden Lever do I need for my DBM?

We have two models of Retro Fit Levers (For Non Elite and For Elite). The reason we have two type of this lever is all to do with the shape of the trigger loop, even though the functionality is exactly the same. As the name suggests the Non Elite fits the following DBM's: https://atlasworxs.com/shop/atlasworxs-retro-fit-lever/ AW0038-B Rem 700 SA DBM, AW0111-B Rem LA DBM, AW0316-A Tikka T3 SA DBM, AW0402-A Tikka…


Does the Atlasworxs Tikka T3 CTR Bottom Metal fit a Standard T3 / T3x ?

The answer is yes! However some inletting will be required which is common when switching to an AICS Pattern mag set up. Going from the Standard OEM Tikka T3 Mags and Trigger Guard, you will need to change the shape of your current footprint. Our inlet plan can be found here. It is worth noting that if you already have a stock inletted for an OEM CTR Bottom Metal (using…

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Atlasworxs Sako A7 SA DBM

Convert your Sako A7 to use AICS Pattern Magazines

    A commonly asked question here at Atlasworxs is "we don't like the standard A7 magazines, can you make an AICS Bottom Metal to suit the A7". As we already sell aftermarket parts for the A7 and have established a good client base around this model we decided it was about time we got this project off the ground. There will be two Bottom Metals required, a short action…